The Ligurian Riviera Focaccia

The favourite ''snack'' any moment of the day.


Focaccia is original from Liguria

The Ligurian coast, part of the Italian Riviera, has lovely views, picturesque towns, challenging and beautiful walking trails and the best focaccia on earth.

The locals often like to start the day with a crusty strip of “focaccia”, although it’s salty, dipped into a foamy cappuccino! Focaccia also is in the bread basket at lunch and dinner in every family. When kids come home from school, a snack of focaccia might be waiting. The hungry hiker on a walking tour in the Riviera will enjoy snacking on focaccia, too.

Ligurian focaccia has a crisp crust anointed with olive oil and salt, and a soft inner rumb. Focaccia is also served in the bread basket at lunch and dinner. It is a good snacking, at any time of the day, to satisfy a hungry stomach, too. You can find it plain, overed in onions, olives, tomato slices and more ...

The recipe for Ligurian focaccia is easy to make but, the final step of pouring water and oil over the dough may seem odd. The moisture from the water is what gives the focaccia its crispy crust, while leaving the surface dents soft and perfectly oily. While it can be eaten plain, focaccia is also good split open and filled with your favorite sandwich ingredients.

Different sorts of ''focaccia''

Something different is focaccia col formaggio. Wafer-thin layers of dough are stretched and stuffed with local stracchino cheese, the crispy baked crust shattering to release its oozy contents, nothing to compare to a simple cheese sandwich.